Monday, 19 June 2017


(Remember to put phones in box and store in the cupboard)

Block 2 UOI
-Mr K to show off his dance moves (He used to dance for the Royal Ballet Dance Group)
-Mr K to take students out to finish off their welding projects.

Rest of Class to:

Listen to Mrs Frogley Read a sophisticated Picture book
-Students to unpack the meaning and make links to the new unit based around CONFLICT

-Students to add to their own conflict diary in their UOI Books.
(Mrs Frogley will model an "Internal Conflict" to help students generate ideas.

Block 3 MATHS

Taryn to put warm-up on the Board (It's the problems we didn't end up doing yesterday Taryn)

-20m IXL Complete in this order..
Find Geometric measurement under Year 8 (if too easy go on with...)
Find "Geometric measurement" under Year 9 and complete as much as you can..... If too easy go up to Year 10, 11, 12, 13 etc.
Find "

Students away yesterday need to finish the Maths Pre-test from yesterday

Block 4 Literacy

Quickwrite on one of your chosen "Internal Conflicts"

Use Requan's "Feelings" poem/ lyrics for inspiration for your own.

(You might like to have a go at some of yesterday's language features from the handout I gave you)

-If enough time, students may complete the Ted Ed for the week!

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