Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Friday 9th

Summative Task Block 1
Refer to WWAIPAT on the blog for the Success Criteria and the brief
(If students finish, they can go on with Publishing their character portrait or finish the Ted Ed and Creative writing for the week)


Whole class IXL (ticking off goals from basic facts assessment, then finding ratio problems in IXL

Mini Lessons
Rates and ratios
-Orange book page 134
Groups 2 and 5

Taryns Group
-Maths booklet - Continue to add / subtract / multiply and divide fractions

Dividing Using proportional Adjustement
Green book page 56

Take mini groups, 1 at a time with GROUPS 1 and 3

BLOCK 3 - Summative Task

Block 4 - TECH ARTS

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