Sunday, 7 May 2017

Migration Stories - Hamilton 2016

Reading Comp: Escape from Eritrea

  1. Where is the horn of Africa?
  2. Where is Yemen
  3. How did his mother and father feel about him fleeing the country?
  4. How did he escape?
  5. Describe his army day?
  6. Why hasn’t he returned to see his family since arriving in NZ, 2013.
  7. Writing - Step into the shoes of the main character! Choose your own context - Write a 'Dramatic Monologue" have fun.

  1. Why was New Zealand “too safe” for Tafadzwa?

  1. Tafadzwa walked 40 km to school and back, how much more is that than you ‘walk’?

  1. How come Tafadzwa was lucky when the cobra attacked?

  1. What were the scars on Tafadzwa’s back from?

  1. Why do uou think Tafadzwa’s Mother moved to Otorohanga before she brought her son over to live with her?

  1. What does running ‘give’ Tafadzwa?

The Fight to be Safe
Comprehension Questions
1. Describe the contrast between the interior and exterior of Tatiana's house.
2. Tatiana said "I was not aware of the reality. As a child I thought everything was perfect". Explain what she meant by this.
3. Why did Tatiana's parents tell her they were going on a vacation rather than telling her the truth?
4. Why did Tatiana's father have to return to Columbia? How would this have affected his family?
5. Why did Tatiana wake up every morning in Ecuador crying?
6. Find two quotes from the text that show Tatiana's feelings about NZ - when she first arrived and after she settled in.
6. What are some of the differences that Tatiana describes between NZ and Columbia?
7. Why do you think Tatiana would like to go back and thank her old teacher?

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