Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WWAIPAT - Summative task

Summative task

Create a care plan (settlement plan) for a migrant family that has just arrived in Hamilton.

Success Criteria:
1 - 3-5 information Areas
2 - Short and sharp / Sentences that start with a verb economical language)
3 - Images
4 - A slogan that sells Hamilton to your Migrant Family (The Actual slogan of Hamilton is 'The City of the Future"

Questions to consider:
  • What would you show them of our local area to get them familiar with Hamilton and the Waikato? (Job Centres/ Schools/ Supermarkets/ Banks/ Doctors/ Transportation depots or routes).

  • How could you support them with learning the language? (Language classes/ Kiwi slang guide).
  • How could you help them to become accustomed to NZ culture? (Food/ Clothing).
  • What emergency contacts might they need?
  • Are there any cultural groups that they could join?
  • How could you help them to understand the NZ school system?
  • How will you continue to support them over the next 6 months?

1. How to Make your own Brochure:
In DRIVE click new - Connect more Apps - Search ludipress - Connect -

2. Open ludipress - Choose a template - BEGIN publishing

DUE end of Week 6 on Friday:)

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