Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ted Ed: Term 2 Week 2

Curiosity, discovery and gecko feet - Robert Full

The scientific method is widely used to make many scientific discoveries, but Robert Full suggests the possibility of finding world-changing results with less formulaic approaches. In his TEDYouth Talk, Full describes the unlikely way he studied gecko’s feet and how these beneficial discoveries could eventually save lives.

1. How do gecko's feet stick and unstick so quickly?

2. Design an original product based on your knowledge of gecko feet. Explain it's purpose and how it works.

3. What did Tanya, a student in Robert Full's lab, need to figure out before she could answer her question?

4. What is another animal that exhibits an incredible phenomenon, and how can it be used to make life better for humankind?

5. Do you think animal research is important? How far should we go in using animals in our research labs?

6. What did Anne, one of Robert Full's graduate students, discover about spiders?

7. What is the name of the gecko inspired robot built by the Stanford group?

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